Therapy Toronto Psychotherapy Definitions

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Therapist Match:
Sandra Flear
(High Park)
Grace Nostbakken
(midtown Toronto)
Our earliest attachments give us the foundation upon which all other attachments are built. We enter the world as helpless and dependent beings, depending solely on our caregivers to keep us safe and nurture us until we are able to look after ourselves. This period of dependence and vulnerability lasts for years. Parents, relatives, neighbours, teachers, friends, peers are among those who cast a great influence on who we are to become. Most important and influential are our earliest attachments from the earliest stages of our lives when we were utterly dependent and most open to shaping and influence.

Difficulties in these early stages lead to difficulties in attachments later on in life, in friendships, work relationships and most importantly intimate relationships.

It is possible in therapy to work with the earliest layers of a person's identity, sense of themselves and ability to connect with others. It is a process of healing and rebuilding that is transformational.