Therapy Toronto Psychotherapy Definitions

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Caring for and dealing with aging parents is a confusing and often difficult emotional challenge.

Often we are unprepared for the emotional, physical and amount of time that caring for an elder person present.

It is then that the stresses of the role reversal, the unresolved past issues, the family dynamics, and the fear of death and sickness overwhelms us.

We do not anticipate what will happen to our self-sufficient parents when they become weaker and more helpless, unable to cope with day-to-day tasks.

This is a time we need support to handle and understand our emotions and the overwhelming stress, as well as practical problem solving for getting everything in place so that our parents are safe and cared for.

When emotions are running high it is often difficult to make decisions and think out the necessary strategies.

Lining up a support network is vital to easing this difficult time.