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Imago Therapy
Imago Therapy is based on the work of Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, authors of Getting the Love you Want.

It has been described as a gentle, respectful and highly effective method for helping couples to communicate safely and successfully.

The founding concept of Imago Therapy is that everyone has early experiences from childhood that directly affect adult relationships and that this is 'good news'.

It means we all long to grow, heal and stretch into our very best self.

The Imago dialogue provides a safe container for expressing differences.
Your partner is not your enemy, but your friend, your teacher and your
healer. Using this method helps both people in a relationship feel seen,
heard and understood.

The process teaches the meaning of being in relationship, normalizes the crises and difficult times, and teaches very useful and easy to use tools for connecting with each other in a healthy, loving and hopeful way.

Certified Imago Therapists (CIT) are trained in this modality.
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