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Therapist Match:
Suzanne M Gard
(the Danforth)
Nancy Dranitsaris
(Scarborough Guildwood)
Louise Hampson
(the Annex)
Grace Nostbakken
(midtown Toronto)
Sue StJohn
(the Annex)
Life Transitions
Transitions, even positive ones, bring stress and challenge. The less secure and confident the person is, the more challenging the transition. Transitions may include a large range of things such as beginning a new job or losing one, launching a career or ending one, leaving home or moving residence, going back to school, beginning or ending a relationship, marrying or ending a marriage, losing a loved one, facing loss of health or beginning retirement.

Transitions often bring old issues and insecurities back to the surface or else bring us face to face with issues that we have not looked at before. Although transition times are times of stress, they also bring the opportunity to resolve old issues, discover new strengths and open up new possibilities. A skilled therapist can help the person to make this time fruitful and positive rather than simply a time of stress and upheaval.