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Marsha Berniker
The goal of marriage therapy is to remove the impediments to a loving, mutually satisfying life together. Marriage is based on many expectations and treated as a particularly important union in our society and when there is trouble in a marriage many family members are affected in addition to the husband and wife.

Religious and cultural values often causes many people view a 'couple' relationship as only a preliminary step towards marriage.

The weight of cultural expectations is made heavier by the pressures surrounding the formalities of the actual ceremony, and the complex inter-personal dynamics among members of the newly-forming, newly-enlarged family unit.

After the actual wedding other complexities emerge. Work demands including long hours apart, finances, parenting, communication, emerging life-style differences, trust, communication, conflict resolution, sexual issues are some likely challenges to the relationship.

Marriage therapy helps the couple communicate in a safe environment, saying things that need to be said and understood. Self-destructive patterns are highlighted and new patterns that are more loving emerge.

Old issues from childhood can be resolved, making the wife and husband no longer prisoners of the past. Problem-solving replaces intense arguments. Healthier ways of relating assist in making the marriage grow.
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