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Therapist Match:
Annette Bradshaw
Laura Di Vilio
(the Beaches & West End)
Stephen van Beek
(the Annex)
Lori Naylor
(Liberty Village / Parkdale)
P.Anne Winter
(midtown Toronto)
Marsha Berniker
Sylvia Kraus
Mike Hynes
Sara Trought
(the Danforth)
Liz Kalman
(the Danforth)
Chris Rookwood
(midtown Toronto)
Gui Mansilla
(West End, Etobicoke)
Wendy Kirk
(North York)
On-line/Skype/VOIP psychotherapy uses video and audio software that allows you and your therapist to see and hear each other over a secure connection. It is a simple way to work with a therapist who may be too far to visit regularly.

It involves the use of a streaming video camera with an internet phone connection.

For many years therapists have been working with their clients using the telephone. Using a camera lets each person see the facial expression of the other person.

Equipment required is minimal; a computer, an internet connection of moderate speed, and an inexpensive camera that hooks to the computer.

Phone costs are near zero because the internet carries the signal.

This makes it possible for people living anywhere on the globe to work with the therapist of their choice. (SvB)
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