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Therapist Match:
Gui Mansilla
(West End, Etobicoke)
Suzanne M Gard
(the Danforth)
P.Anne Winter
(midtown Toronto)
Andrew Kun
(midtown Toronto & Scarborough)
Annette Bradshaw
Sara Trought
(the Danforth)
Stephen van Beek
(the Annex)
Marsha Berniker
Mike Hynes
Nancy Dranitsaris
(Scarborough Guildwood)
Phone Therapy
The telephone is a very effective means of communication for many people who relate especially strongly to the voice, have demanding schedules, or are distant from the therapist's physical office.

The telephone permits access at a distance to individuals drawn to the skills and nature of a psychotherapist who is not locally available. Some individuals do not require face-to-face contact with the therapist, and others may prefer the telephone's higher level of anonymity. Still others recognize that the telephone permits therapy despite a crowded personal and work schedule.
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