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Short-Term Therapy
Short-term therapy usually refers to therapies lasting less than 40 hours, and especially those lasting fewer than 12 hours.

This covers all forms of therapy that are concluded within a single year, based on a weekly session or meeting.

Extensive research proves conclusively that most short-term therapies require 15 to 45 hours in order to get beyond just identifying the real problems to actually resolving them.

For their own reasons, insurance companies tend to want to offer no more than 12 hours of work, which is basically ineffective.

Employee Assistance Programs stop at 6 hours, claiming that even this small exposure accomplishes a great deal of good. But research proves otherwise.

If you are considering therapy, please bear in mind that no lasting value comes from doing too little work.

You may want to learn about an alternative called which enables employers and employees to pool resources to start a valuable and affordable short-term therapy.
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