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Therapist Match:
Tara Dubrow
(midtown Toronto)
Tara Dubrow
(midtown Toronto)
Stephen van Beek
(the Annex)
Lacanian is a term of art that refers to the therapy in the spirit of the teachings of Jacques Lacan, a renowned French theorist.

A unique form of listening is employed, and a particular attention to the material of the client's speech with special attunement to language and the distance and space between what is meant and what is said.

This spirit of openness and free enquiry makes Lacanian work particularly freeing for clients and therapists.

Like a contemporary open-source software project, the Lacanian domain is enriched by contributions from many sources that support new means of providing psychotherapy.

Many of these ideas and insights evoked controversy when they were developed half a century ago but they are now echoed and reflected by many analysts, psychotherapists and therapists across a wide spectrum and across most of the Western world.