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What is happiness? In English it originally meant ‘things that happen’ and did not originally signify the guaranteed continuation of bliss that it has come to mean.
Called by no less a thinker than Hannah Arendt 'the secret king of thought', the German philosopher Martin Heidegger has strongly influenced psychodynamic psychotherapy.
'Holding' is a psychic function, not a physical action.

This way of relating to others in a therapeutic relationship was first described by the British analyst D.W.W. Winnicott.
HSC stands for Human Services Counsellor, a college-level specialty training in addictions and mental health.
A highly receptive, highly sensitive nervous system is inherited by about 15-20% of the population.

We term this Highly Sensitive Persons.
The Humanistic model emerged soon after World War II in reaction to the dehumanizing excesses of Fascism and by extension the modern industrial world.
Hypnosis comes in many forms. Within the context of psychotherapy, it can best be described as a form of guided concentration that taps into your unconscious mind.
See Hypnosis.
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