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Gay Men
Being out socially, in the workplace and with family, internalized homophobia along with many other matters encountered by all persons but with a unique twist for gay men.
Gerontological Counselling
Gerontological counselling addresses issues related to the aging process among those of us who are becoming older.
An ever-evolving experiential psychodynamic therapy with eclectic roots founded by Fritz Perls, M.D., a refugee from the Holocaust and erstwhile psychoanalyst.
The German word means 'thrown-ness' and was used by Heidegger to describe the accidental nature of human existence in a world that has not yet been made our own by conscious choice.
Grief may be defined, following John Bowlby, as the physical, emotional, somatic, cognitive and spiritual response to actual or threatened loss of a person, thing or place to which we are emotionally attached.
This American terminology refers to the developed sense of proprioceptive reality. This has significant implications in terms of personal freedom.
Group Therapy
Group therapy refers to a wide range of therapy in which individual clients participate in the work of others in group meetings. The power of the group includes, but is not limited to the phenomenon that whenever a group gathers, the unconscious mind of the group emerges more powerfully than in most individual sessions. Thus, the work can be conducted on a deeper level.
Guest TPS
Guest TPS is the term for members of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society who are admitted on the basis of education and professional experience to the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society.
Guilt is both a religious concept and a fundamental issue in psychotherapy within the psychodynamic tradition.
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