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Technical Terms
Psychotherapy employs a vast vocabulary of technical terms in order to describe its methods and procedures. People who come into psychotherapy sometimes find these strange terms to be unnecessarily confusing.
Tele-Group Counselling
Tele-groups are weekly group meetings linked telephonically through a conference call service. Groups generally have a focus or topic around which the group seeks to explore and understand, and are guided by a professional therapist. The group functions much like a therapeutic group except that participants are not in the same physical space. This requires a clear understanding of protocol for participation, not unlike any in-person group.
Temperament refers to a collection of general behaviours that are psychologically grounded. It is an offshoot of the work on psychological type.
TFM stands for Therapeutic Family Mediator, a certificate granted by the University of Toronto.
The They
Martin Heidegger felt that much of our human freedom is constrained by the opinions of others.

In a remarkable section of his major work, Being and Time, Heidegger examined the many ways in which we give up our own authenticity because of the pressure of the mass expectations of others, even when we do not have any direct personal relationship with them.
A theory of the internal psychic process theradrama was developed at Therafields, a psychotherapeutic community that flourished in Toronto circa 1970-1980.
Therafields was an important psychotherapeutic community that flourished from the mid-1960's until early 1980's in Toronto.

It attracted a wide following and its influence is still felt in psychotherapy and the arts scene.
Therapeutic Tension
Therapeutic tension and the building of trust are aspects of a meaningful therapy.
One who offers healing for the psyche and has been trained in this art.
Therapist Match
Therapist matching is a unique therapist selection feature of our site.
The Icelandic parliament, the oldest in the world, is called the Thingmote.

This expression contains in frozen form one of the great lost insights about human communications.
In terms of ordinary parlance, thinking has to do with reasoning or cogitating in one’s head. The great psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and depth psychologist Carl Jung used the word ‘thinking’ in a very specific sense.
TPS is the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society, a society whose members are psychoanalysts and analytically-oriented psychotherapists.
Trager Technique
One of the more interesting approaches to the body is the Trager Technique, developed by Milton Trager, MD.
Trance is a specific mental skill as well as a powerful therapeutic modality.
Transference describes how we unconsciously treat the people currently in our lives as though they were somebody other than themselves.
Transformative Mindful Breathwork
Specific breathing techniques that are used to help clients reach different states of mind depending on the specific situation, i.e. release of anxiety, heightened awareness of physical and or emotional states, self compassion etc.
Translation is a term we usually use to describe how people switch from one language to another.
Developed by Abraham Maslow, Transpersonal Psychology addresses the search for meaning in a specifically spiritual context.
Trauma is an event or series of negative and harmful events that fundamentally alter the individual's sense of who they are.
This term usually refers to the issue of psychological type, a concept first modernized by Carl Jung.
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