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Lacanian is a term of art that refers to the therapy in the spirit of the teachings of Jacques Lacan, a renowned French theorist.

A unique form of listening is employed, and a particular attention to the material of the client's speech with special attunement to language and the distance and space between what is meant and what is said.

This spirit of openness and free enquiry makes Lacanian work particularly freeing for clients and therapists.
Language & Being
Our great-grandparents once remarked "Language speaks the man".

Within therapy there is much attention to the words, phrases and idioms that are used in the work.
LCSW is an American term for a social worker trained in psychotherapy who helps individuals deal with a variety of mental health and daily living problems to improve overall functioning.
Legal Work
Lawyers seeking to assist clients in alleged domestic violence, child abuse (emotional, physical and sexual), addictions, alcoholism and similar matters often refer their clients to qualified therapists for assessments to be used in court proceedings.
LGBTQ Issues
LGBT is an acronym for 'lesbian gay bisexual transgendered queer'.

LGBTQ people encounter a broad range of interpersonal and social issues beyond the ones that naturally arise for any person dealing with their erotic and psychosexual life. These are often due to social pressure to conform.
One of the most controversial terms within the psychoanalytic tradition, it was coined by Freud to reference the psychic energy that he thought constituted the Id force in psychic life.
Life and Career Coaching
Life and Career Coaching focuses on the improvement of one's personal or professional life.
Life Transitions
Transitions, even positive ones, bring stress and challenge. The less secure and confident the person is, the more challenging the transition. Transitions may include a large range of things such as beginning a new job or losing one, launching a career or ending one, leaving home or moving residence, going back to school, beginning or ending a relationship, marrying or ending a marriage, losing a loved one, facing loss of health or beginning retirement.
Listening is a form of speaking, for the person who really listens is silently telling the person who speaks that the message and its meaning are being heard.
LLB stands for Bachelor of Laws, an academic degree required by lawyers in most of Canada outside Quebec.
Loss is a multi-faceted experience where bereavement is the state of loss, and grief is the reaction to loss.
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