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Therapist Match:
Stephen van Beek
(the Annex)
Money is a basic therapeutic issue. How we deal with money influences both our material well-being and our capacity to relate successfully to and with others.

Financial and money issues play a greater role in relationship break-down than sex. Most couples admit that fighting is usually about money and spending problems.

The symbolic meaning of money differs with each person. For some it means security, for others emotional freedom, power over others, sexual vigour, or spiritual achievement.

We know that money management affects many people in this consumer society, and that many people who earn enough money are unable to manage their money well.

It also shows that many of us are afraid to earn the money that we may deserve for our talents and efforts.

An analysis of how you deal with money goes far beyond cash flow realities to reveal the inner hidden meaning of why you save and send in the way that you do.

Learning more about your relationship to money will reveal what it is for you to be 'happy and satisfied' in terms of money and its symbolic use.
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