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Therapist Match:
Beth Robertson
(midtown Toronto)
Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse, particularly when we are young, has lasting negative effects on our lives. It affects our capacity to trust, to distinguish between love and sexual activity, and to make our own choices in how we live.

It is one of the primary reasons that people enter therapy since appropriate therapy resolves the hurts created by such sexual abuse.

The term sexual abuse covers a broad spectrum of events and behaviours that affect children's sense of themselves.

These include inappropriate touching, loss of personal privacy, intrusive interest into the lives of adolescents, loss of core trust and protection, and acts of sexual contact.

Acts of sexual contact are varied and include what occurs between parents and children or by other family members and friends of the family, or by caregivers and persons in positions of authority (eg. teachers, church officials, adults in positions of trust and responsibility like sports coaches, etc.).