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Social Isolation
Modern urban society provides few valid ways for many to connect with others who recognize and respect them as persons.

Beyond the fantasy of the television 'reality show' and situation comedy, many people experience great loneliness and social isolation for which they feel personally responsible.

In many instances, individuals may feel invisible to those around them, and then wonder what it is that they are doing wrong. What must happen so that they too may develop a circle of friends and or develop a long-term relationship? They often feel that if they 'fall' there will be nobody there to 'catch' them, that there is nobody who will care for them as human individuals.

People experiencing such isolation tend to become more and more unsure about what they can do personally to gain a viable circle of friends and connections. Often they come to despair of any positive future.

Therapy assists in reducing negative thoughts and feelings and identifying creative positive ways to overcome such deadening isolation. (GR)
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