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Marsha Berniker
Many men and women seek help while going through a divorce. It is a time of great emotional upheaval which often leads to anxiety as there are so many unknowns.

Often this is a time of great emotional loss and lowered self-esteem. Depression sets in frequently in such circumstances.

Despite such pressures, many extremely important decisions still need to be made. Finances, children, the future, etc. are all in the process of change.

The advantage in seeking help at this time is that a clear-headed and supportive therapist experienced with typical divorce issues will be there when you are overwhelmed. Practical knowledge of the legal system, care and concern for the children and the ability to see the light can be enormously helpful as you begin to move the trauma of events.

Therapy helps you through this life-altering process by providing someone to speak to who is clear-headed when you are overwhelmed, who gives honest emotional support, who can help you decide how to handle your children and who can guide you through the legal system.

The goal of divorce therapy is not just to survive; it is to help you come out of it healthier and better able to move forward with your life.
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