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LGBTQ Issues
LGBT is an acronym for 'lesbian gay bisexual transgendered queer'.

LGBTQ people encounter a broad range of interpersonal and social issues beyond the ones that naturally arise for any person dealing with their erotic and psychosexual life. These are often due to social pressure to conform.

In contemporary society the person who loves differently may be subjected to various levels of estrangement and hostility. Despite recent improvements in civil rights in Canada and other countries, whatever is seen as unacceptably different or 'other' may be the object of negative emotion and negative attention.

At times, LGBTQ people may feel hesitant to seek therapy, believing that the therapist cannot understand their situation or may not be supportive of or positive toward their sexual orientation. And yet, in addition to the challenges presented by negative social dynamics, LGBTQ people face similar life challenges and emotional, relationship and family issues as straight people and can benefit from therapy that is non-judgmental and supportive of who the person is.

Psychotherapy for the LGBTQ client takes into account the impact of the social dynamic as well as the interpersonal and intra-psychic dimensions of affection and erotic love, both within and outside of relationship.

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